About Memphis Tax Lady

Searching for a tax preparer? Search no more-you’ve found the Memphis Tax Lady!

My name is Carolyn Savage. I have an accounting degree from Arkansas State University and 30+ years experience preparing taxes for both individuals and businesses. I have worked for CPA’s as well as other tax professionals and private companies so I understand the needs of small businesses in today’s economy. It is for these reasons that I have designed my Memphis Tax Lady service to be an easy, convenient, speedy and affordable alternative to traditional tax services. Without the overhead associated with a store-front office and extensive advertising, my service is structured to offer you professional tax preparation at a reasonable cost.

Call the Memphis Tax Lady, you’ll be glad you did! Check out my competition (many won’t even tell you their fees upfront)... I believe you will find that my rates are lower than most any walk-in service in town. More important... you can view my Individual Tax rates here as part of my "no surprise" service. I want you to know your total costs before you make your tax preparation commitment. Need more information...feel free to contact me. I am here to serve your tax needs anytime. You may call me at 901-757-8349, email me at memphistaxlady@gmail.com, fax to 901-758-8494, or use the Contact Me tab on this web site. Also, take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions section on this website for answers to some commonly asked questions. 

Thanks for considering the Memphis Tax Lady!

Carolyn Savage