Being Audited?

If you are a MTL client, relax. Call me- fax me the letter. I will assist you in preparing your documents, and we'll go to the audit together, with no charge to you*. I defend my clients like a Tigress defending her cubs. The way I look at it, I am defending my work. You defend what you told me, I defend what I did on the return.

If you prepared the return yourself or the person who prepared it can’t or won’t go with you, call me. I will look over it to see if an amended (changed) return is beneficial for you. IRS regulations prevent me from defending you if you or someone else prepared the return, but I can defend my amended return. If your scheduled date is imminent, call them to request a postponement, telling them you are taking your return to a professional for review and a possible amendment. Normally, this is not an issue for them and they actually prefer you to do so. They will probably still audit you, but I can go with you and defend the amended return.

Above all-

(1) Do not go by yourself—it’s like going to court without a lawyer. If you plan on using your original return that you or someone else prepared, get a CPA to review it and go with you. I have known of IRS agents who try to talk clients into coming by themselves—do NOT do this. You need someone else that understands what they are asking and how to best answer their questions. Although the CPA can charge you anywhere between $100-$200 or so per hour, if you say the wrong thing at the wrong time at the audit, this action can cost you a lot more than even the CPA’s fee!

(2) Do not miss your scheduled appointment date and time.If you need to reschedule, do so as quickly as possible after receiving your letter. The IRS agent will work with you to reschedule your appointment. If you just decide not to show up, the IRS agent can determine the amount you owe with just the facts he/she has. This often results in hundreds or thousands of dollars being billed to you that could have been avoided. The IRS does not have proof of your deductions— you do. They are not required to allow your deductions without said proof.

Hey, don’t drive yourself crazy! Take your return to the Memphis Tax Lady. I will review it, and if I cannot help you, I won’t charge you.

Better still, use me as your tax lady in the first place! I look after my clients’ interests – and not just during tax-season either!

*Offer applies to Memphis area audits only.