Services & Fees

Payment is not due until return is completed.

Memphis Tax LadySM can provide all of these services with dependable, accurate results, yet at a reasonable cost. MTL is also committed to treating each client in a fair and honest manner... I will not charge for services not rendered or unnecessary. Once you become a client, you can continue to contact MTL all year long... not just during the tax season like some other services. As part of my "no surprises" service, I publish my individual tax fees so you know precisely what your costs will be upfront. After my free initial consultation with you, I will confirm what your actual costs will be BEFORE I begin your actual tax preparation so there will be no misunderstanding as to what your total costs will be. My fees include the consultation mentioned above, preparation of your tax return, e-filing when applicable, as well as a copy of the return for your files. I will also attend a Memphis-area audit with you if I have prepared the return, free of charge, should that be necessary.


Individual Tax Returns

I prepare individual federal tax returns, state income tax returns, do electronic filing and offer suggestions, if applicable, for future tax savings.

Business Tax Returns

I prepare returns for self-employed clients, clients with rental income, partnerships and corporations (C, LLC and/or S).

Note: IRS regulations now require most all tax preparers (including MTL) to electronically file your tax return unless you sign a hardship waiver attached to the return. Therefore, I will not charge for this service.

Business Tax Rates

Due to the variation and complexity of your business, it is difficult (if not impossible) to provide an exact tax preparation cost until I have had an opportunity to review your particular situation in detail. Suffice to say, most people who I have done business taxes for would tell you I charge about half as much as other large tax services.

Memphis Tax Lady serves all types of business clients...


Individual Tax Rates