Why don't you offer rapid refunds like a lot of other tax services?

It goes against my basic instinct in that my role is to help you to "save money"... not exploit your refund! Most "big-name" commercial tax preparers love to sell you these high-interest, short-term loans. They are actually "loaning" you your own hard-earned money, at a ridiculous rate from around 40% to 700% APR! My advice is to file your taxes early if you expect to receive a sizable refund and then wait for your refund check to be mailed to you or direct deposited. Electronic Filing will reduce your waiting period --as little as 10-14 days with Direct Deposit versus up to 10-12 weeks for manual filing depending upon tax return volumes being processed by the IRS. A lot of innocent taxpayers in Memphis and elsewhere have been burned dealing with some "rapid refund tax businesses" ... be careful who you decide to do business with as the IRS is going to hold the taxpayer (not the tax preparation agency) accountable for any errors or money owed.